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First things first, let me answer the question you were always afraid to ask: what the hell is copywriting? Copywriting is the art of creating persuasive, compelling, and engaging content that captures the reader's attention. Generally, when we talk about copywriting we are referring to writing for marketing purposes.


Copywriters are behind a lot of the words that you read every day. They write funny slogans for your favourite brands, they craft riveting newsletters, compelling blog posts, action-packed articles for travel magazines, and much more. They work hard to turn words into actions, improve your site ranking with SEO, and drive internet users to click here.


Legend has it that there’s a new type of mystical creature out there: the translator-turned-copywriter.


A lot of the skills that make a great translator are highly transferable to the realm of copywriting. To name a few:


  1. Language proficiency. The understanding that translators have of the many nuances of language allows them to craft excellent copy that is clear and effective.

  2. Cultural sensitivity. Great copy needs to resonate with audiences from diverse backgrounds. Translators understand cultural nuances and norms and are able to fine-tune their writing accordingly.

  3. Grammar and style. Needless to say, translators have a keen eye (and a bit of an obsession) with grammar and style, and they can craft spotless content to make heads turn.

  4. Research skills. Translators are used to spending hours and hours (and hours) researching to produce top-notch, accurate translations regardless of the subject. Those same research skills can be applied to writing copy for different clients and topics.

  5. Adaptability. Translators know to understand the brand’s identity and adapt the tone and style of the message accordingly, which is a crucial skill when writing copy for any client and brand.

  6. Communication skills. Bridging language and culture gaps is, in essence, what a translator’s job is all about. No matter if they need to translate a newsletter for your company or to write it from scratch, a translator knows how to write persuasive and compelling copy that transcends borders.


This doesn’t mean that all translators are copywriters by default, but some of us find as much joy in translation as we do in copywriting. If you’re currently looking for a copywriter to create content for your social media channels or to revamp the copy of your website, you have come to the right place. Reach out to me today and let’s get creating.

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